Heat Shields

Best-in-class heat shields for thermal performance and durability.

McAllister Mills’ high-performance heat shields combine expert engineering and mixed media of high-temperature materials fabricated into both flexible sewn and metal encapsulated heat shielding.

Over the past two years, McAllister Mills has been adding capital equipment to become a vertically integrated supplier of finished heat shields. We have added capabilities to make metal 3-D heat shields that work with our textile-based engineered solutions. From fiber production to fabrication, every aspect of the manufacturing process takes place in our Virginia-based facilities, which expedites speed-to-market for both development work and deliveries. 

In addition to stainless steel shields, we also offer metal encapsulated heat shields made with durable aluminum sheeting. The sheeting features a dimpled pattern that ensures easier formation around radial surfaces, while also adding rigidity and improved heat reflection. McAllister Mills’ metal heat shields are available in a 5mm basalt mat that offers service temperatures up to 1200°F/648°C and chemical resistance. Mats (7mm) made from Treo® 2000 provide thermal protection up to 1800°F/982°C, and ultrathin glass mats (3.2mm) are excellent for tight fit tolerances.