Alec McAllister | April 5, 2021

Not all high-temperature sealing products are created equal. If your industrial application or process requires a custom solution, McAllister Mills has the expertise, technology and materials to design one specifically for your service environment. Our team has more than 30 years of experience creating specialized textiles for extreme-temperature and heavy-duty applications. Our sealing solutions utilize high-tech, cutting-edge fabrics and specialized coating materials (PTFE, silicone, natural rubber) to achieve your exact performance profile.

From custom-made tadpole tapes and gaskets to tacky folded tapes and tacky cloth, we have exactly what you need to achieve reliable, high-quality seals in the most demanding operating conditions.


Tadpole tapes create excellent seals in boilers, oven and furnace doors and other high-temperature applications. We engineer tadpole seals to exact specifications, using fibers, wire/fiber blends, aramids or composite builds to maximize performance and durability for your intended application. The flexibility to choose the best materials – fiberglass, basalt, Midsil, silica, or even alumina fibers – and coatings allows us to tailor for a wide range of operating environments, ranging from 250°F/120°C to 2300F/1260C.


Thanks to the solvent-based natural rubber coating which cures in place after installation, our high-temperature, high-pressure gaskets are able to create reliable seals even on older, rougher flange surfaces. Crafted from texturized fiberglass fabric and custom-crafted for your specific application, these manhole and handhole gaskets are made for service temperatures ups to 500°F/260°C for use in steam, air, water and ammonia.


Highly functional, our wire-inserted tacky folded tapes are manufactured to withstand exposure to air, water, ammonia and steam in service temperatures up to 500°F/260°C. These properties and the ability to produce custom sizes make our tacky folded tapes ideal sealing components for use in boilers of all sizes. They're also excellent for covering rough edges and uneven flanges.


Want to make your own custom seals? Get the same base material we use in the manufacturing of our boiler handhole and manhole gaskets, door seals and tadpole tapes. Our tacky cloth is made with plain or wire-inserted texturized fiberglass fabric for continuous service up to 500°F/260°C and comes in a variety of sizes.


Need to design a custom high-temperature seal? We're ready to help. When it comes to custom products, there's no substitute for experience. More than 30 years of textile manufacturing excellence has earned us a reputation as leading providers of tailored, high-temp solutions.

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