High-Temperature Ropes for Thermal Insulation Applications

Alec McAllister | January 14, 2021

At McAllister Mills, our high-temperature ropes are engineered to withstand extreme environments and deliver a high-quality, reliable seal in a wide range of industrial uses – from doors, oven, and tadpole seals to general caulking and stuffing applications. Our fiberglass ropes offer an economical solution for applications that reach up to 1000°F/540°C. For even greater thermal protection, ropes made from our Leached Silica and MaxSil®Tex lines provide continuous service up to 2000°F/1100°C. 

There are a number of factors that go into creating the perfect insulation rope. After all, every application requires its own set of unique performance capabilities. Off the shelf solutions don't always meet all requirements.

And that's ok. Because creating custom insulation solutions is what we do best. Our team combines an impeccable command of cutting-edge fiber technology with decades of hard-earned experience to create high-temperature ropes tailor-made for the most demanding requirements. 

Fiberglass Ropes

Our line of fiberglass ropes is made using E-Glass fibers, which are strong, chemically stable, electrically and thermally insulating, waterproof, and extremely resistant to high temperatures. The fibers are knitted, braided, or twisted into a durable rope and customized for required thickness and density. McAllister Mills' fiberglass ropes have a service temperature of 1000°F/540°C and can be coated with vermiculite, PTFE, and other helpful materials.

Fiberglass Dense-Knitted Round Ropes

Our dense-knitted round ropes are some of the most economical solutions for applications with service temperatures up to 1000°F/540°C. The firmer density provides superior sealing properties, and the knitted format prevents the rope from unraveling when cut. Dense-knitted fiberglass ropes resist most acids, alkalis, and solvents, and are available in varying levels of thickness (0.25" - 1.5").

Fiberglass Low-Density Round Ropes

Sometimes you may need a little more "give" in your insulation rope. Our low-density knitted round ropes are the perfect choice for such occasions, providing just the right firmness for your application. This material can be used to fabricate tadpole seals with lighter sealing pressure requirements. Like their high-density cousins, low-density knitted ropes still stand up to most acids, alkalis, and solvents and won't unravel when cut.

Fiberglass Interlock, Square-Braided Ropes

Our interlock, square-braided ropes are made from texturized fiberglass fiber and braided in a special lattice construction to provides a better, more uniform sealing surface than traditional ropes. They do not swell or shrink and are completely incombustible. Their high-density properties make them an excellent choice for furnace and oven doors.

Twisted Fiberglass Ropes

Airblown fiberglass yarn twisted together into a high-density material is the foundation of our twisted fiberglass ropes. These products afford the ability to unravel a few strands, providing the flexibility to adjust fit to exact specifications and making them ideal for multiple sealing and caulking applications. They are often used in expansion joints, caulking for oven and furnace doors, gasketing material, and dome or lid covers.

Silica Ropes

Fiberglass ropes offer great thermal insulation, but only up to a certain temperature level. For industrial processes that require higher service temperatures, ropes made from silica fabrics deliver reliable protection up to 2000°F/1100°C.

Silica Round Dense-Knitted Ropes

Our silica round dense-knitted ropes are made from air blown silica yarn, which goes through a leaching process to remove impurities and results in silica content of over 95%. These ropes maintain thickness at extreme temperatures better than traditional ceramic ropes. Their firmer density provides enhanced sealing properties for use in high-temperature gaskets and seals, expansion joints for coke ovens, and other general caulking and stuffing applications. 

Maxsil®Tex Silica Square-Braided Ropes

Silica square-braided ropes from our Maxsil®Tex line are made from amorphous silica fiber and braided to dense consistency for continuous service at maximum service temperatures. Maxsil®Tex high-purity silica fibers have virtually no shrinkage. This allows them to maintain dimensional stability and flexibility in a range of industrial applications, including high-temperature gaskets, oven and furnace door seals, and various industrial process seals.

McAllister Mills High-Temperature Ropes

At McAllister Mills, we make high-temperature ropes to meet the most demanding and unique thermal insulation needs. Our 30 plus years of textile manufacturing experience allows us to create custom solutions for almost any high-temperature application. We're ready to design and produce a high-temperature rope tailor-made for your exact use.

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