High-Temperature Tape Solutions for Industrial Applications

Alec McAllister | November 30, 2020

What do you get when you combine superior in-house weaving technology and know-how with a full array of precision-engineered, high-performance fibers? For one, a lineup of some of the strongest, most durable, high-temperature tapes made anywhere. The other thing you get is the ability to customize for the most demanding applications in any industry.

McAllister Mills' woven tapes are made from the sturdiest textiles to offer performance and durability in a variety of high-temperature settings. Fiberglass and basalt tapes offer great protection for the lower and medium range of the high-temperature scale. But, to get the job done at the highest temperatures, you'll need the extra toughness provided by silica and aluminum tapes.

Which type of high-temperature woven tape is best for your needs? The best way to narrow down your choices is by the level of protection your application demands.

Extreme Heat - 2000°F/1100°C and above

For applications requiring extreme thermal protection of 2000°F/1100°C and above, McAllister Mills offers alumina tapes and our MaxSil®Tex Silica tapes.

For protection up to 2300°F/1600°C, alumina tapes from our EHT2300 line of products offer everything you need and are a great choice when silica tapes cannot handle the extreme service temperatures.

Made from continuous filament alumina fibers, these tapes maintain strength and flexibility even in the harshest thermal environments. Our alumina tapes are boron free, which means they don’t become brittle at maximum service temperatures, making them ideal for use in OEM hot process equipment or petrochemical drilling and refining. 

MaxSil®Tex Silica tapes stay soft and flexible at service temperature of 2000°F/1100°C, making them a great option for slightly less demanding applications, like molten metal protection, automotive aftermarket exhaust wrap, pipe wrap, and cable protection.

Manufactured from texturized amorphous silica filament yarn and woven into a strong and flexible tape, MaxSil®Tex tape is preshrunk and will not stretch more than 3% at maximum service temperature.

Mid-Range Heat – up to 1350°F/740°C

Our Fiberglass Plus+ tapes deliver dependable 1350°F/740°C flexible protection and are a perfect solution for automotive OEM and aftermarket exhaust protection, industrial piping protection, steam tracing line wrap, and similar uses. Made using the latest fiber technology and a medium level of silica, Fiberglass Plus+ tapes are a great alternative to vermiculite coated textiles, which can become brittle and weak above 1000°F.

Basalt tapes, part of our VR1200 line of products, provide protection up to 1200°F/650°C, and are engineered from continuous filament volcanic rock fiber. McAllister Mills’ basalt tapes are a great choice when pure fiberglass can't get the job done. They offer higher strength, higher melt temperatures, and 20% more heat resistance than fiberglass tapes. Basalt tapes have a distinctive look and can be enhanced with special coatings and laminations based on application requirements.

Colorized fiberglass tapes, part of our TC1200 line of products, withstand temperatures of up to 1200°F/650°C. These tapes are stronger than traditional acrylic, silicone, and vermiculite coated fiberglass tapes. Available in stay-true shades of black, blue, red, silver, and yellow, they are an excellent choice for color-coding special piping or to enhance the look of an automotive, motorcycle, or ATV exhaust.

Moderate Heat – up to 1000°F/540°C

For applications that don't require protection above 1000°F/540°C, our industrial-grade and premium-grade fiberglass tapes – part of our E-Glass line of products – offer affordable and durable solutions. Our premium-grade fiberglass tapes push weaving technology to the limit by packing as much fiber content per unit area as possible. The higher fiber content delivers superior performance and an added margin of safety.

Our industrial-grade fiberglass tapes provide the same level of temperature resistance as premium-grade but are more economically manufactured. They offer long service life and are designed for general purpose use, such as aftermarket automotive, motorcycle, and ATV exhaust wraps, cable wraps, and high-temperature gaskets.  

Both our premium-grade and industrial-grade fiberglass tapes are available with a vermiculite coating, which increases the temperature resistance to 1200°F/650°C.

McAllister Mills High-Temperature Tapes

At McAllister Mills, we make high-temperature tapes that deliver a high cover factor and on-spec thickness for durable performance. Our 30 plus years of textile manufacturing experience allows us to create custom solutions for almost any high-temperature application. From standard weave patterns for general industrial applications to tapes woven with our exclusive twill, we design textiles with purpose.