TREO® 2000 Needled Blanket


A flexible, resilient high-temperature insulation blanket unaffected by most chemicals

TREO® 2000, our Biosoluble high-temperature insulation blanket, uses the latest in AES Fiber technology. It has low shrinkage at use temperature, low thermal conductivity, and is easy to fabricate. This blanket is a flexible and resilient high-temperature blanket that is unaffected by most chemicals. Unlike ceramic fiber blankets, the Biosoluble fibers in TREO® 2000 are less bio-persistent, so they are eliminated by the body more quickly.

TREO® 2000 high-temperature insulation blanket is immune to thermal shock and requires no warning labels under Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for the classification and labeling of chemicals. Continuous use temperature is 1800°F (1000°C) however, maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application.

Classification temperature: 2000°F (1100°C).